Tiba Engineering Group established on 2003 in Egypt as a contracting company working in the field of water and water treatment Plant, on 2007 Tiba has been integrated to the Saudi Company Aamak Tiba to become one of the branches of Aamak Tiba.

Tiba Engineering was incorporated as electro- mechanical contractor in the field of water and water treatment Plant, On 2010 Tiba established new department to work in the field of oil further to the field of water.

Field of water

Tiba doing all the studies and designs of hydraulic, structural, mechanical, electrical, and control and SCADA system for the plants.

Tiba select, supply and install all the electro-mechanical equipment needed to operate the plant with high efficiently, the relationships between Tiba and the suppliers enable to supply the equipment which ensure the high efficiently operation

Tiba responsible for operation the plant and providing after-sales services of maintenance and supply all the spare parts.

Field of oil

Tiba Engineering work as representative for international companies such as:-

• Pump Work ( API pumps)

• DXP (HPS pumps)

The pumps used in oil, gas, petrochemical and refinery projects.

Tiba trading for complete package and spare parts after sale service.

Tiba responsible for Installation, commission and start up, laser alignment, vibration measurement and analyses, repair, maintenance and over handling.

Tiba Engineering has a professional and qualified staff for after sale services for the packages.