Aamak Tiba Trading and Contracting Company established in Saudi Arabia on 2007 as a Saudi company in Al Madina Al Monwara and rapidly the activities of the company expanded and established branches in:-

1- The main office Jeddah Branch established to follow the trading department.

2- Madina Branch established on 2007 to follow the contracting department.

3- Tiba Engineering Group in Cairo, Egypt. Established on 2003 as a contracting company working in the field of water and water treatment Plant, on 2007 Tiba has been integrated to Aamak Tiba to become one of the branches of Aamak Tiba.

Aamak Tiba was incorporated as electro- mechanical contractor in the field of water and water treatment Plant, through our relationships with suppliers over world rapidly the company became an agent and distributor for many brands in KSA.

Aamak Tiba doing all the studies and designs of hydraulic, structural, mechanical, electrical, and control and SCADA system for the plants.

Aamak Tiba select, supply and install all the electro-mechanical equipment needed to operate the plant with high efficiently, the relationships between Aamak Tiba and the suppliers enable to supply the equipment which ensure the high efficiently operation.

Aamak Tiba responsible for operation the plant and providing after-sales services of maintenance and supply all the spare parts.

Aamak Tiba is one of the leading companies in the field of water Plant, for keep this leadership Aamak Tiba has a basic elements and rules all the staff of Aamak Tiba committed for this rules.

Aamak Tiba characterized using highest and latest technology which discovery in this field, we have a team of leaders engineers trained to use this technology to provision the pure water in the highest standards.

Aamak Tiba always eager to follow all the stages of the plant construction from design until delivery to the customer with the utmost attention to after-sales service.